BROTHER, HERE'S A MAN! by Kim Beattie
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A modern lone wolf, knight errant, whose deeds provide the reader with plenty of excitement, who is himself a spectacular, picturesque colossus of energy and arrogance. There's no attempt at objective criticism in this biography -- but to harp on defects would be to carp at a grand and colorful figure.... This is the ""saga of Klondike Boyle, a standout in international adventuring and tangy biography. Boyle was a Canadian, he ran away to sea, has his way in a mutiny, joins New York's sporting world, promotes a prize fighter, whips into the gold rush and becomes a legendary figure in the Klondike. From poverty to saloon bouncing to millionaire, time and again. With the World War, he presents a company to England, fights for a job for himself, goes with the Allied Commission to Russia, where the number of toes he treads on is legion. He makes good, comes through the Revolution, holds a town against the Germans with a women's battalion of death, smuggles the Roumanian treasure out of the Kremlin, becomes Queen Marie's right hand man in fighting for her country's needs, smuggles royalty out of Russia, gets into oil well promotion, and eventually sacrifices health to the cause of his activities. It is a grand tale and fun reading. Foreword by the late Queen of Roumania.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1940
Publisher: Macmillan