PACIFIC EDGE by Kim Stanley Robinson


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Third in Robinson's trilogy exploring the possible futures of California's Orange County. By 2065, after a bitter struggle, the multinational companies have been broken up, a universal salary cap is in place, and development is strictly controlled. Young Kevin Claiborne creates ecologically and psychologically pleasing houses by remodeling old ones. As a newly elected Green representative on the El Modena township council, he's concerned to preserve Rattlesnake Hill, the last undeveloped piece of land in the town. When Alfredo the mayor tries to Slip a pro-development measure past Kevin, battle is joined--and soon complicated by Kevin's affair with the stunning Ramona, Alfredo's ex. Kevin learns that Alfredo has hidden motives and ties to big-money concerns--but, finally, Kevin will be able to thwart Alfredo. Altogether too much padding, and peopled mostly by adolescents. Always laid-back. Sometimes soporific. Often pleasant.

Pub Date: Nov. 21st, 1990
Publisher: Tor--dist. by St. Martin's