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PETS by Kingfisher


From the Baby Animals series

by Kingfisher

Age Range: 1 - 2

Pub Date: March 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7534-6565-3
Publisher: Kingfisher

This sweet depiction of traditional pets holds no bite but plenty of appeal.

A variety of young domestic animals hog the spotlight. The foal calls out, “Watch me wobble and prance around the field!” Typography bends to reflect specific movements against striking, solid-colored backgrounds. Bold asides add in the expected woofs and purrs, while a miniature version of the featured critter explores beneath the text. The facing page fills to its brim with an adorable close-up photograph. Even the quieter ones have their own voice here; the rabbits “snuggle snuggle” cheek-to-cheek. Fictionalized musings present a fight for bragging rights, complete with a liberal peppering of exclamation points. Poised on his haunches, the hamster boasts, “I like to stay in shape,” though the small image below expresses the conflicting story of an off-balance rodent’s fall from grace (his exercise wheel) and the escape of an audible “Whoops!” Additional Baby Animals entries produce similar content throughout, with the introduction of inhabitants associated with various settings (In Grasslands, In the Forest and In the Jungle.)

These babes are ready and waiting to receive well-deserved oohs and aahs from their human counterparts. (Board book. 1-2)