A FORWARD STRATEGY FOR AMERICA by Kintner & Possony Straunz-Hupe


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The authors contend that permanent co-existence with the Soviet Union is impossible. Therefore, while disclaiming ""preventive war"" they call for a ""tough"" U.S. policy toward Russia with increased Western armament, stepped-up ""political warfare"" and tightened trade restrictions. They believe this would result in the kind of pressure that would force the Russian leaders to concentrate on the home front, turning their backs on Communist expansion and eventually relinquishing power to a democratic successor government. As the authors see it the real conflict is not between capitalism and a planned economy -- which can easily exist side by side -- but rather between democracy and political totalitarianism. To win the ""cold war"", the authors say, the U.S. must seek a more effective partnership with European nations, find a new basis for mutual respect and cooperation with the countries of Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, and Latin America and frustrate Communist plans to establish a world order in the Communist image. The book examines in detailed, exceedingly dogmatic, textbook style just how this is to be done.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Harper