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An erotic tale of espionage and misunderstanding set over the course of a very important, top-secret government mission.

First time novelist Azraey’l begins the story with a prologue regarding a secretary who eagerly awaits the arrival of Tainted Obsessions. When finally she receives it, she takes it home and has an exhaustive masturbation session in anticipation of her read. By a meta-fictional twist, this woman knows the main character in the novel: Tom is the chief of Strike Force One, a Special Forces unit that must be deployed when Strike Force Two goes missing, taken hostage by a bevy of beautiful women on the fictional Caribbean island of Bazumi. The book follows Strike Force One’s officers as they execute Operation Golden Seal—a storm of militaristic exchanges among officers, altercations with mysterious enemy combatants and sexual extravaganzas. Eventually, the eroticism becomes intertwined with the plot, as the officers’ carnal appetites lead the men into the trickery of the island’s locals and the Cubans who are hunting down the team. Still, by sheer force, Strike Force One untangles the web of lies, slaughters its foes and releases its cohorts. The story is difficult to follow in this world of one-dimensional characters and base actions. The sex scenes are graphically executed, but they go on for pages of detail that readers may find excessive. Women characters are almost always objectified to the point where their appearance immediately leads a description of an appealing body part, and the male observer directly comes into some sort of sexual contact that is drawn out to a variety of extremes. In addition, the officers’ interactions with the islanders reek of exoticism.

While the novel clearly is not to be taken too seriously, the hyperbolic nature of this rambling, overly erotic tale of espionage makes it entertaining only in short segments.

Pub Date: Dec. 23rd, 2009
ISBN: 978-1441511584
Page count: 338pp
Publisher: Xlibris
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