DULCIE, Or Half a Yard of Linsey-Woolsey by

DULCIE, Or Half a Yard of Linsey-Woolsey

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Ragged rhymes and prose interwoven, in a series of might-be-true stories of absent-minded little Dulcie, a child of a century past. In pictures reflecting the period, and in fairly full text, Dulcie's misadventures are revealed. She goes to the store on an errand, but has thought of so many other things on the way, that she forgets what she came for; she joins in the May Pole dance, but is more concerned with the brim of her big hat than the steps of the dance; she forgets to take off her locket, and loses it in the Christmas pudding, and so on. Somehow, Fate is kind to her, or perhaps it is her own winsome charm, but she never gets punished, so don't read this as a lesson in morals.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1943
Publisher: Dutton