I AM ALIVE by Kitty Hart


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Kitty Hart was when the vendetta against the Jews set her family on the move- from a small village in Silesia and on the run to escape the fate of their people, and almost two years later she, and her mother, were forced into Germany, passing as Polish non Jews. Some months later they were both arrested and sent to Auschwitz, and her story here is primarily that of their survival. A Gypsy predicted on her entry there that she would be one of the few to ""see freedom again"". It is once again a terrible saga of survival which speaks not only for their courage, resilience and endurance, but also their canniness as she learned all the ""tricks of the trade""; avoiding hard labor (digging graves), stealing food, staying out of trouble. At one point her mother, a nurse, hid her in a mattress in the hospital after typhus and pneumonia made her unfit for anything but the gas chamber. The record is filled with all the attendant horrors of this experience; the ""experimentation""; the ""selections""; the suicides on the fence; the crematoria and the by-products (she worked in one), to the final agony of the long march after the evacuation of the camp. . . . As a reminder, it is a story that cannot be told too often, no matter how reluctant the readership.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1962
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman