THE VOICE by K.J. Jr. Kahn


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Amplified New Yorker profiles, this displays that very special type of portraiture in a not often simpatico study of the most celebrated American not listed in Who's Who, Frank Sinatra. Here is the personality, self-confident, candid, brash, charming and casual; the Voice's voice, once less charitably compared to ""worn velveteen""; his generosity which runs to gold (Sinatra is said to have distributed $45,000 worth of gold cigarette lighters); his wardrobe, his belligerent but well-intentioned liberalism; his fans; and the Paramount, shrine of their disorder; the clubs, some 2000 of them; his life offstage. The expert blend of incidentalia, statistics, and comment, for which the profiles are known, again at good advantage- but not Sinatra's- and for a market of bobby soxers- ""natch"".

Pub Date: March 26th, 1947
Publisher: Harper