THE MAGIC STICK by Kjell--Illus. Ringi


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Mimetic imagination: lone little boy picks up stick; points it forward--and becomes magician conjuring rabbit from top hat; bears it aloft--and becomes weightlifter; thrusts it back--and becomes charging cavalryman; lifts it to his eye--and becomes, admiral wielding spyglass; etc., etc. Then other children appear, glaring, leering (?); little boy discards stick and walks away. Without words, you can only take a stab at what tiffs is saying and it looks bad for our boy: is he intimidated by the very presence of the others? will they taunt him? wrest his stick away? does he scoot off because he's a coward? a loner? a cop-out? As illustrated--boy in black-and-white, chimera in color--this has considerable pazazz though most three- and four-year-olds won't understand all the images. The big question, however, is what--if anything--they'll make of the outcome.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row