ODILON REDON by Klaus Berger


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Although the French painter, Redon, belongs chronologically to the generation of the Impressionists, he has little in common with them or with the succeeding artistic revolutions which Impressionism fathered. Redon was a Symbolist related in spirit to Baudelaire, Poe and Bosch. The subject matter of his works sprang chiefly from his imagination. He was not, during his lifetime, in the mainstream of artistic development, but during the last twenty-five years Redon has been seen as a forerunner of recent trends, and the mysterious irreality of much of his work elicits a strong response from the modern viewer. Berger's scholarly study traces the various influences of Redon's work and his development as a painter. Especially interesting are extracts from Redon's own writings about himself and his art.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill