EKING AND MOSCOW by Klaus Mohnert


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Mr. Mehnert is a German journalist, radio commentator, and professor of political science who has had the unique advantage of having been able to study both Russia and China closely, at first-hand, over the past thirty years. This book is an exhaustive, in-depth analysis of both countries as nations and as Communist states, divided into four sections: part one attempts the always very dangerous but fascinating task of erecting, through historical and broadly anecdotal observations, composite Russian and Chinese ""characters""; part two relates and compares the revolutions of 1917 and 1949; part three describes the intricate course of Sino-Russian relations from the beginning of the Soviet era down to the mid-1950's; and the final part investigates the current Peking-Moscow split, with explanations and forecasts which are all the more amazingly astute when one realizes that this work appeared over a year ago in Germany. There is no one simple viewpoint expressed here, nor are there any glib answers which can be succinctly stated; but if one dominant theme emerges, it is that China is Asian and Russia is European, and never the twain shall meet, regardless of Marxism or anything else they may share. Time alone will tell, but thus far it looks as if time is on the side of Mr. Mehnert.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1963
Publisher: Putnam