THE RELUCTANT ANGEL by Knnen Heaves Hall


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For the ladies, this story of turn-of-the-century Texas and a fiery little woman ""managed"" in spite of appalling odds. Vickie had her first hint that life was not all rnips and corn when her farmer husband, Tom, announced that he had received the ""call"" to nerant preaching. Then Vickie ""managed"" -- running the farm through drought and attacks, taking in the girl who seduced her brother and making a lady of her, and uprooting home when she decides her husband needed learning at the university. After eight years managing while her husband was studying -- while Vickie had more babies -- she joined her husband in a Texas outpost town where she bucked the hypocritical church brothers and sisters, took in another fallen woman, worked with the Negroes, and nursed through a small epidemic. Although the reader may tire of Vickie drawing canastas, this is a most eable, friendly yarn, in the Ferber-fashion, with lots of babies.

Publisher: Morrow