: Audacious Insights into Success and Wealth
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Inspirational writer and student of human nature Tabetando counsels readers to nurture their inner wisdom, then listen to it when confronting life’s questions.

“The sole purpose of this book is to arouse that dormant but eternally wise part of us using one of the most valuable gifts we all have–the ability to question,” writes Tabetando. That eternally wise part is our spirit, our inner wisdom, our unique take on the world and living passionately. And, according to the author, that spirit is ever-evolving, fed by experience and informed by the natural world. It is important to question the truths we use to guide our actions, to make sure they are not simply the dictates of received opinion. This is harder than it sounds, for our life experiences often buck conventional wisdom–society’s noise. But society’s rules were not fashioned to our individual situations. Obvious moral and ethical standards apply, but the various mental, physical and financial wealths we have nurtured, even unconsciously, must not be hostage to any disapproval of nonconformity. Tabetando’s tone is warm and generous–he’s not trying to sell a bill of goods, indeed, “[my] truth is not your truth. Your truth is not my truth…The real power is in not knowing, and therefore, exploring.” The medium is the message, the journey the goal, yes, but Tabetando is not glib–he posits that what wisdom you possess must freely flow to others. The point is to love the things you do. That does not mean to live like your hair is on fire–quiet self-reflection, in Tabetando’s experience, is a must for knowing your spirit. If you are passionate about life, nurture it, become acquainted with doubt, fear and uncertainty, you will reap the rewards of a balanced existence. Goals are secondary. Tabetando’s book stresses how crucial it is to be alive to the flux of life–new experiences bring new truths.

A salubrious voice for bellicose times, where being attentive and questioning, following our passions and emotions, leads to joy and meaning.

Pub Date: June 29th, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9809-1110-7
Program: Kirkus Indie
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