SHADOWS ON THE WALL by Krishna Nehru


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Nehru bits- the fletman and jetsam of political and social upheaval, brought together in the jails of India, and encountered there in the months Krishna Nehru there. She was with other ""politicals"" and tells the stories of a few of them, and the steps which brought them to prison. But more interesting in the light thrown on social conditions in India are the stories of other convicts, women and girls who were victims of oppression, discrimination, the backwardness of a whole country, the injustices of society which punished them and destroyed their dignity and embittered many. Twelve portraits- human bits- brief and telling- this serves as a profile of one phase of India, entering on the long road to freedom, simply, almost amateurishly written, but perhaps for that very reason compelling.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1948
Publisher: (Asia Press) John Day