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WAITING ON YOU by Kristan Higgins Kirkus Star


by Kristan Higgins

Pub Date: March 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-373-77858-4
Publisher: Harlequin

Since Lucas Campbell broke Colleen O’Rourke’s heart 10 years ago, she’s become a star matchmaker while avoiding romantic entanglements herself, which suits her just fine—until Lucas comes back to town.

Colleen has been in love with Lucas ever since the first time she laid eyes on him, and for a time she thought they would be together forever. But after an argument led to a breakup, there were unexpected consequences on both sides. Lucas wound up in Chicago married to someone else, then divorced, and Colleen hid her broken heart behind a flirtatious, lighthearted attitude. Now, 10 years later, while his Uncle Joe lies dying and his cousin Bryce is in denial, Lucas is back in Manningsport to help navigate the situation. Lucas’ family relationships are nothing if not complicated, and stepping back into the dynamics after 10 years of separation have only made them worse. At first he's determined to avoid Colleen, but they find themselves thrown together by other people and external circumstances, and he decides she's worth pursuing. Again. They have a decade of hurt and misunderstandings to overcome, but as they start to heal from the past, there are some explosive secrets that could blow them apart again. Romance star Higgins continues the Blue Heron series with her signature combination of wit, humor and soul-jarring emotional depth. Colleen and Lucas travel a bumpy road to their happy ending, replete with misunderstandings and catastrophically bad timing. Occasionally, their inability to communicate the most basic insecurities is annoying, and a couple of jaw-dropping missteps are hard to believe, though they do leaven the characters’ flawed authenticity. At times their imperfections can almost make them unlikable, but their ability to forgive each other’s worst aspects makes their ultimate reconciliation especially gratifying.

Higgins’ talent shines, as does her inimitable ability to hit romantic highs, make readers laugh and express heart-wrenching emotion.