A BUTTERFLY LIFE by Kristi Bowman


4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine
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In this memoir, an author uses the metaphor of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon to illustrate her journey to a more fearless, aware, and fulfilled life.

Bowman (Journey to One, 2009) tells a striking story of evolution through career decisions, relationship lessons, family, and spirituality by weaving together a series of poignant events that shaped her path to a rewarding life. She describes, in detail, challenges she faced in a job and a brave choice she made that opened new doorways for her own career as an author and her belief system. Choosing to stand up for what she believed, Bowman walked away from what didn’t serve her and shed a layer, much like a cocoon, that had held her in place for so long. This radical event spurred even more positive changes, confidence, and pleasures. Bowman also discusses struggles with her family, particularly with a niece in need of help and guidance. She uses the tale of her niece’s trials to demonstrate practices that lead to health, happiness, and vitality, touching on such subjects as communication styles, movement, nutrition, yoga, and self-awareness. One of the most memorable quotes in the book comes at the beginning, when Bowman discusses intention-setting rather than goal-setting: “I’ve found when we fluctuate in our intention, where there is doubt, it acts the same as moving the magnifying glass around; the light and energy are scattered, unable to focus. I realized it was time to let go of doubt, let go of any fear, let go of trying, and just get it done!” As she skillfully shows in her own story, concentrating on intention grounds anxieties and allows a person to make decisions, act, and move forward. Many readers should identify with Bowman’s career difficulties and some may be inspired by her courage to seek change and attempt to improve their own situations. Overall, this book provides a wise dose of positive ideas and possibilities, focusing on mindset, awareness, nonjudgment, and healthy detachment.

A successful, relatable account that explores the metamorphosis from fear to love in one woman’s life.

Page count: 218pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
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