RIP'S SECRET SPOT by Kristi T. Butler


Age Range: 5 - 7
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Butler (What a Truly Cool World!, 1999, etc.) presents an African-American family with a problem: suddenly, young Pat's frog has gone missing, as has Mom's pen and Dad's hat. Distinct, brightly colored figures point and gesture broadly in the pictures; the very brief text, running no more than two lines per page, is perfect for newly fledged readers; and the simple mystery is simply solved, by following Rip, the dog, out to a newly dug hole in the yard. The household possessions are reclaimed, but lest he feel left out, Rip gets a big bone to bury as a consolation prize. A short but complete tale for budding mystery fans. Cepeda's afterword indicates that he likes to have his characters look like people he knows, but in this case, all family members have exactly the same faces and expressions and no one seems to have any bottom teeth. Functional. (Easy reader. 5-7)

ISBN: 015204809X
Page count: 20pp
Publisher: Harcourt Brace