DECENT EXPOSURE: Living With Your Emotions by K.T. Strongman

DECENT EXPOSURE: Living With Your Emotions

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A work of surpassing banality, whose sole virtue is that at least it doesn't make any mountebank offers of hot lines to the truth. . .anyhow, not once you get past the title. Strongman teaches psychology at the University of Exeter but here he has so watered down the subject that one has trouble remembering that the book is apparently intended for an adult audience. In amazingly prosaic and simple-minded terms, Strongman laboriously explains a few elementary theories of emotional development and the interaction of feelings, describes some major abnormalities, and outlines the practical and ethical difficulties which hinder scientific experimentation in this field. Most literate adults are bound to be acquainted with this stuff already; anybody who needs to be told that emotional expression is ""somewhat dependent on innate, inborn influence"" but also ""liable to certain modifications by the environment"" needs remedial reading, not another psychology-for-the-multitudes book.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1975
Publisher: St. Martin's