MY BOYHOOD IN SIAM by Kumut Chandruang


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Although this has no political slant, it should fit into the need of background books on parts of the world involved (or on the verge of being involved) in the conflict. An extremely revealing and interesting picture of life in Siam as told by a boy who came to the United States to study. He writes of his family life, of his family, of the father's work as chief justice in provincial courts, of the royal family (the Princess was his godmother), of his father's successive wives, of school, celebrations and the everyday round. There are music lessons, English lessons, an early romance -- and his being sent to America. Memories of his first impressions. Not a little humor, a pleasant sense of self ridicule, a gentle philosophical picture of the little independent country of Siam.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1940
Publisher: John Day