LOVE ON A LEASH by Kurt Unkelbach


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The author was first aware of the fact that he had married a ""dog nut"" and that dogs would run his life when he discovered the Labrador Toby in the backseat of his honeymoon getaway car. He has been taking a licking from dogs ever since. Not satisfied with a single pet, his spouse set up a menagerie whose demands required a from the sea to the country, where a large gravel pit was the closest they came to the desired pond for retrieves. As his daughters grew up, they too became involved and the first Christmas at Walden II sported thirty-seven stockings, four for the family and the rest for the dogs. He found his trials tempered by an active underground: daughter Lyn charmed her way into college by a spectacular three-dog retrieve, while he kept in the good graces of his firm only by his showing with a Florida client-- man. The beleaguered hero exploits his sorties in the dog world with a ather hysterical verve. It's all enough to make a man want to take his bone into the and chew it alone. Waggishly, at times doggedly, funny.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall