TIGER LIP A TREE: Knowing and Training Your Kitten by Kurt Unkelbach

TIGER LIP A TREE: Knowing and Training Your Kitten

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We pity the over-ambitious owners who may try to emulate Cathy by teaching their kittens to swim (""Cathy taught Tiger. . .by carrying him in her arms as she waded""). There are also instructions for teaching kittens to do tricks (roll over, shake hands, jump through a hoop. . .) and walk on a leash. And, when curious kittens have to be left alone, they're expected to follow Tiger's example -- ""he stayed in his traveling case and played with his toys."" Even though kids are told to have a parent's help when trying to take their pet's temperature with a rectal thermometer, the whole operation, like the training routines and preventive detention recommended above, might just as well have been omitted. In general, if you want a pet that swims, buy a goldfish.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1972
Publisher: Prentice-Hall