THE SEVEN ARMS by L. A. G Strong
Kirkus Star


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The best thing Strong has done since The Garden -- and keyed to a wider audience and more general interest than that exquisite, but limited gem. This is as distinguished for its gradual build up of atmosphere and emotional tempo; it contains the strongest, most gripping place of characterization he has given us; the plot is tighter, the climaxes more dramatic, the pace better gauged than in any of his earlier work...The story of a remote peninsula in West Scotland, at the time of the Napoleonic wars -- of a strange and series clan unity -- of twin sisters, warring to the death -- and particularly of Jeanne, who dominated these around her, whether by love or hate or scathing indifference. L. A. G. Strong is doing extraordinarily beautiful writing. This adds a quality of robustness some of his work lacks, and is a grand story in the telling.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1935
Publisher: Knopf