ONLY HALF A HOAX by L. A. Taylor


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Out pursuing his UFO-investigation hobby, computer-technician Joe Jamison finds the murdered body of Victor Amant in a parked car--and promptly becomes somebody's quarry: his car is sabotaged; he's thrown into the local zoo's tiger pit; out bicycling, he's chased around Minneapolis by a murderous car, Could all this be connected to the auto-crash-death of teenager David Streich, who was recently involved in a UFO hoax that Joe uncovered? Or with a mysterious young woman (not long for this world) who gives Joe a packet of information about dry ice as a murder weapon So it seems--and it also seems that Joe's brand new son will grow up fatherless. . . until unlovable Sergeant Chelon enters the case, focusing on the Streich family and taking some aggressive action (while the murderer overreaches). Written with the same wry, light touch on display in Taylor's debut (Footnote to Murder), but a weaker mystery-comedy overall--too frenetic, too loosely plotted, and too skimpy on the motivation for that elaborate war on hero Joe.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1983
Publisher: Walker