BULLTERRIERS: The Biography of a Breed by L. Cabot Briggs

BULLTERRIERS: The Biography of a Breed

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Bullterriers have probably the most contradictory reputation in the world. People constantly say, ""They are the ideal pet for children, so gentle, faithful and kind,"" -- while the next person will say, ""They are the most formidable fighters in the world"". Mr. Briggs has culled the sporting books, papers and yearbooks for information and has done a very creditable biography from these quotations and excerpts. Not an original work but one that few fanciers would take the trouble to dig out for themselves. The stories of the old Westminster pit, of bearbaiting and color breeding are not lacking in thrills and in his application of the Mendelian law and color factors in breeding he shows quite a bit of originality and independent thinking for anyone so new to the bullterrier clan, (which almost insists on its members having been bullterriers in previous incarnations, before they are eligible to the Fancy.)

Publisher: Derrydale