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An elusive sort of semi-fantasy semi-realism that doesn't quite come off. Stir Kenneth Grahame and Algernon Blackwood into a realistic setting of Russia in the throes of revolution and see what you make of it. Difficult, I grant. This is the story of two small boys who live in a dream world where the fact that they are Jews is of no moment. A very militaristic world it was, with constant warfare, and perfectly trained soldiery, so that when revolution came to their village, it took its place quite naturally. They had evolved an idealistic system of government, too, so were quite prepared for the drastic changes in their school life which the introduction of communism under the Soviet brought them. This book might just catch the interest of some customer who likes out of the ordinary things in a fanciful vein, but it is obscure and not easy reading for the average customer.

Publisher: Viking