AN ENEMY AT GREENE KNOWE by L. M.; Illus. Peter Boston Boston


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Several exercises in the occult and supernatural are combined with scenes of extraordinary loveliness and laughter as Tolly and his Chinese friend, Ping, spend their holiday at Green Knowe, the home of Tolly's grandmother. A tale of an alchemist who once lived in the nine-hundred-year-old stone house, who disappeared following his confession to the local clergyman who helped him burn his mysterious books, comes alive to the boys in the person of one Melanie Powers. Her search for one of the old books which may have survived the fire causes the boys to identify her as Melusine Demogorgona Phospher, or the devil's daughter. Black and white engravings illustrate the book which will require a large vocabulary and an interest in the supernatural. These readers will appreciate this well-written, way-out fantasy, an addition to a favorite series.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World