NHOTI by L. N. Lavolle
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The travels and experiences of Nhoti, a young boy from northern, India are absorbing in themselves, but they serve a double function in vividly portraying life in India today. His search for the elephant Chandru takes Nhoti through many parts of India, to Calcutta where street beggars who know all, also know that Chandru has been sold to Bahadur's circus in far off East Pakistan, along the River Ganges where with a group of circus people with the same destination, Nhoti performs at the riverside villages to earn his keep, to Bengal where the sight of famine ravages leads Nhoti to formulate a plan for relief. How the plan is successfully accomplished, how Chandru is eventually found and Nhoti's true identity revealed form the enthralling climax of a unique story where human kindness overcomes national and religious obstacles.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1961
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman