WALTER REED: Doctor in Uniform by L. N. Wood
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WALTER REED: Doctor in Uniform

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This also is a Junior Literary Guild Selection and deserves the honor. The book starts in 1865 when Walter was 13 and had to quickly help hide the horses from the approaching Union Army because his Circuit Methodist Minister father then had his family in central Virginia. Later they moved to Charlottesville where he entered the university at the age of 16, obtaining his medical degree at 17. He and his lawyer brother came up to New York where Walter Reed obtained his Bellevue degree in 1872. He joined the Army Medical Corps, married, worked out in the Arigona desert country, met Julen Handoz, and fortunately had a chance to work with those great doctors, Welch, Kelly, Halatead and Osler at Johns Hopkins. His greatest job was his report on yellow fever. Another book with definite adult appeal.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1943
Publisher: Messner