AN ALIEN AFFAIR: Vol. IV, Mission Earth by L. Ron Hubbard

AN ALIEN AFFAIR: Vol. IV, Mission Earth

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Chunk Four of Mission Earth, even more mindless than the preceding three! Voltarian super-agent Jettero Heller has arranged a demonstration of his new, super, non-polluting fuel, in the form of a grand Indy 500-style race to be held during a blizzard! His handler, Apparatus legman Soltan Gris, must stop Heller at all costs, and so arranges for snipers to adorn the route! All difficulties notwithstanding, Heller surges into the lead, only for the race to be abandoned! Meanwhile, a flood of disinformation provided by Gris' PR associate causes Heller other problems, so that he's cast out from the bosom of his adoptive Mafia family and branded as a traitor! Despite all this, Heller disposes of numerous assassins! Gris, however, isn't having things all his own way! He has no (bleeping) money! His (bleeping) allies turn on him! He's enslaved and beaten nightly by a pair of rabid (bleeping) lesbians! His harem courtesan runs up a fortune in credit-card bills! Finally, Heller's lover, the beautiful Countess Krak, shows up! Etc.! Twaddle! Addicts only!

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1986
Publisher: Bridge Publications