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FORTUNE OF FEAR: Vol. V of Mission Earth by L. Ron Hubbard

FORTUNE OF FEAR: Vol. V of Mission Earth


Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1986
Publisher: Bridge Publications

Chunk Five of the Hubbard Monument. The tug-of-war between Voltarian super-agent Jettero Heller and dimwitted Apparatus legman Soltan Gris continues. This time, Heller's lover, the Countess Krak, has arrived on Earth to help Heller and to cause problems for Gris. Heller evolves a plan to win a fortune at the Atlantic City casinos (he needs the money to finance his plans to defeat pollution) but is swindled out of his winnings by the Mob. Meanwhile, Gris has acquired a fortune in gold from Voltar, and his associates unctuously plot to relieve him of it. In other words: the vacuous recipe as before. Addicts only.