ANIMALS IN AFRICA by L. S. B. Ylla & Leakey


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Fascinating textual commentary by the director of Nairobi's Museum of Natural History and marvelous photographs by famous Ylla whose work needs no introduction tell of the animals in the East African parks and game reserves. Giraffes and zebras, lions, hippos, rhinos and buffaloes, varieties of antelope, elephants, and then leopards, monkeys, crocodiles and big birds are the chapter by chapter animal subjects. The lions get their share, as you'll see from the stories and pictures of the beast who perhaps attracts humanity more than any other. And as Ylla moved from district to district, with her seven cameras, there is the eye and sharpness of a true and patient hunter, not only in her own comments for the pictures and techniques she used, but in the expression in her photography itself that is gentle, fierce, humorous yet not a human or sentimental comment. A fine record, showing animals as they are, and beautifully timed for Christmas giving.

Publisher: Harper