GREECE: American Dilemma & Opportunity by L. S. Stavrianos

GREECE: American Dilemma & Opportunity

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The dilemma of the muddled diplomacy pursued by the United States in Greece during the crucial years since World War II is thoroughly if not very comfortingly aired in this expose. Billions of dollars, troops and armaments have been poured into the strategically placed little country, yet the result to date has been far from good. The basic cause for this has been America's fearful concentration on immediate needs in the cold war -- the securing of our position in the Eastern Mediterranean. The long range program which would make Greece economically and politically strong is held off at arm's length, for it would mean virtual upheaval of the existing regime. Yet in a shooting war, this alone would insure us support by the people and not merely the government of Greece. An important document that should make Americans sit up and think a little about recent foreign policy.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1951
Publisher: Henry Regnery