THE DAY OF THE DINOSAUR by L. Sprague & Catherine C. de Camp


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The authors did The Ancient Engineers and this is bound to satisfy the same audience--high-school students driven by assignments and adults more than willing to browse through an easy-to-read synthesis of the available history of extinct forebears of today's fauna. The authors have also provided thumbnail sketches of the paleontologists, and recap the combative exchanges of the 19th century crew who dug up the first among the biggest bones and proceeded to shake them under each other's noses while contending by fair and foul means for first place for themselves or their schools in the field. From Pre-Cambrian days to current Shell oil drillings, the de Camps freshen their facts with bursts of speculation and hop up history with a fictional touch or two wherever the record will stand it. To be generously illustrated and indexed, this should enjoy a reasonable library life until the next author dines out on dinosaurs, an established taste among readers at every age level.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday