LOST CONTINENTS by L. Sprague de Camp


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With the surge of interest in science fiction, high-lighted by the very existence of Gnome as a specialty house in this field, it is interesting to note that the centuries old issue of the lost continent, Atlantis, is once again studied, and by an author of science fiction books. Fact or fiction, legend or poetry, he explores every channel which has touched upon the subject. From Plato, through the meanderings of the occultists, the pseudo- or semi- scientific speculations, the efforts of sincere historians and scientists, he seeks to find the basis of sound conjecture. There are theories that call for a major catastrophe, geological in origin; and theories that don't. There's the ""lunatic fringe"" of speculation. There are those who demand that it be identified with the later Pleistocene age. There are linguistic arguments, growing out of efforts to link the Amerinds and Mayans. There are characteristics of civilizations -- and the fantasies of the diffusionists. There are theories of ""creeping continents"" -- of land bridges- evidence of changing shape of land masses. And it all adds up, in final analysis to man's yearning for the never land. A specialized cult this interest in the lost continents, but this is at least an objective survey.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1954
ISBN: 0486226689
Publisher: Gnome