THE ASSASSIN by L. W. Robinson


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According to the ""Protective Research"" division of the Secret Service, there were 50,000 potential assassins in the U.S.A. ""They were good red-blooded Americans for the most part"". . . only paranoid. But probably not as much so as Thorne Perry who has flipped, sends a death manifesto to the White House and heads for Washington armed with some extremely intricate and deadly bombs. Meanwhile the Secret Service is not as alerted as it should be. Their ""Chief,"" Kinion Daniels, has been on an alcoholic binge for the past two weeks and is conducting a time-consuming affair with a lady of suspicious reputation. His loyal aides frantically try to protect him, particularly after he disregards the Thorne Perry warning. But then Perry plants a bomb in the White House ventilating system. ""This is discovered but the would-be assassin escapes and gets away a second time after plunking a second bomb under the President's church pew. Rarely have our country's defenses seemed so down. Seldom has a story seemed so unbelievable. . . hopefully preposterous. But it does have that hook that will take you right up to the last Memorial Day Service.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1968
Publisher: World