THE AXIS GRAND STRATEGY: Blueprints for Total War by Ladis Ed. Farage

THE AXIS GRAND STRATEGY: Blueprints for Total War

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From German and Japanese sources -- 180 of them, including military officials, theoreticians, Hitler himself, this is a compilation of military material on Total War as the Axis preaches and fights it. The army, synchronization of strategy, preparations, the art of war and strategic offensive, the operations of the various units and methods of combat of each force, -- army, navy, air force, generalship, staff hierarchy, chemical warfare, espionage, psychology, training, various targets (including some not yet achieved), and the aim -- world conquest. Not a specific outline of events, which can be checked for accuracy of prophecy, but a blueprint of method, which -- had it been checked in advance, -- might have born profitable fruit for the allied nations. Even now, this ought to prove valuable for study and reference, not only for its own contribution, but as a key to the fact that the plans are there to be used and not ignored. Prepared under the direction of the Committee for National Morale.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1942
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart