THE RED GATE by Ladselle Gilman


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A modern adventure yarn takes its pace from contemporary events and confronts a trio of Americans with the threat of the New Order in China. Captain Childers, who had been raised in China and whose father's name is still venerated, is wounded and taken a prisoner of war together with Thomas Henry, a Bible pounding medic, and Sergeant Keeffe, an old line, quick flash soldier, and, escaping the trigger happy Manchurian Chinese, is blackmailed by Peng, an unrelenting official of the security bureau, into imprisonment in Peking in the home of Childers' father-in-law. Reunited with his wife, half-English, half-Chinese, Jennie, Childers fights the pressures that would use him for radio and mass propaganda but dares not jeopardize Jennie and her father. Keeffe's insubordination, his father-in-law's independence, and freedom-loving Li San provoke the necessity for escape from the city-fortress, and their flight, after many hazards, lands them successfully on the coast. Current eventing in the East rings in the new battle and psychological warfare for an actively plausible narrative.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1952
Publisher: Ballantine