MAGIC LANTERN by Lady Eleanor Smith


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Another romantic tragedy giving full play to hot blood and dark deeds as Nicholas, whose gypsy mother died a few months after his birth, grows up to inherit the restlessness, the hatred of restraint, the charm of his romany strain. Wandering abroad, Nicholas finally falls in love with his mistress of one night, loses her as she returns to anonymity, and finds her a year later, widowed, and with their child as evidence of that night. Refusing to marry him, they live together until the death of the child drives her to penance in a convent. Nicholas returns to England, falls in love again -- with Gamma spirited, hostile, and in love with his best friend Aylwin whose marriage she is determined to wrack. Nicholas' interference returns Aylwin to his wife, and Gamma, never loving him, agrees to marry Nicholas -- fights his love for her and eventually kills him. Period decor, high color, and heated passions for a melodrama as before.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran