LOVERS' MEETING by Lady Eleanor Smith
Kirkus Star


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I wonder if the publishers picked the same publication date on purpose to show how convincingly it could be done. For here is another story of reincarnation, a skillful interweaving of tricks with time and conditions. The story starts in 1812, the lovers are a high born maiden and her young brothers' tutor, and the spell in an old manual on sorcery gives them power over time. Next -- the present, with a reversal of social pattern, the girl this time is lowly born, daughter of a crook, the man scion of a noble family, about to be married to a girl of his own level. As they step back again into the past, they take with them awareness of the present -- and, inextricably linked as they are, each longs to cling to the estate which best fulfills the ego. The periods are kept amazingly real and amazingly distinct; the characters come through, even the shift in their estate. And the whole emerges, an intricate pattern, deftly handled.

Pub Date: July 26th, 1940
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran