THE GOLDEN HAMMOCK by Laetitia Irwin


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A novelized nostalgic reminiscence of life before World War I, when skirts were long, cars slow, and marriage the only opportunity for girls, this takes too-tall Nisba from school days, and the taunts at her size, to the eve of her husband's departure for the trenches of France. As the family prospers and moves to a succession of grander homes in their little Ohio River town, Nisba longs for the carefree days of their first home, but her Virginia born mother who remembers the Lost Cause, brings her up short, reminding her that she's a southern lady. Debutante days are followed by a series of men who don't measure up, figuratively this time, until Nisba meets Yankee Brad. A ""first-born"" book which provides a relaxed pursuit of the past for tranquil tastes.

Publisher: Little, Brown