THE ANGRY ANGEL by Lajos Zilshy


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The further fortunes of the Hungarian family that gave its name to The Dukays (1949) have their start in 1939 with the death of Count Istvan and his funeral which underlines the scattering of the relations. Count Ostie, now married to American Gwen and deep in American enterprises, delegates his authority to his brother in law, Mihaly Ursi, who had worked long for Magyar unity and freedom. Ursi's astronomical career has led to the founding of the Star-gazers, an anti-German organization and underground sabotage group, and with growing threats, the great house is turned into a hospital, the Cave made a retreat, and all efforts of the tightly linked Dukays -- save Johy, who is committed to Hitler's cause -- turned toward hidden defiance. Even the secretary, old Grubi, plays his part as a spy within the Party. And after the Germans, it is the Russians and the enslavement of Budapest, the rumors of Mihaly's death which prove to be untrue and the chance, in 1949, for him to come to an American university. But Mihaly cannot desert his fellow patriots, sends his wife and child to safety and returns to a false trial -- and execution. Again, the detailed time-sheet, of past and present events, which keeps a close score of political and family history and the complicated interweaving of a multitude of relatives as well as others connected with the Dukay story demand a patient and specifically interested reader.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1953
Publisher: Prentice-Hall