THE RAPE OF AFRICA by Lamar Middleton
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This is the best book on the subject of the Dark Continent that I have so far read. Not only does it give one the background leading up to the present war with Ethiopia, but it gives it its proper place in the whole tragic history of the division of Africa by European nations, since first the idea occurred to them that here were plums for the picking. Social, economic, political grounds are discussed, but it boils down to sheer acquisitiveness, greed, jealousy and opportunism on a vast scale, no one nation in a position to criticise another -- and Italy, today, no worse than England, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, over a period of seventy years. Even the United States does not escape -- for commercial interests have been fostered and have played their part in dispoiling the African continent. Extremely well done, pungent readable style, a book that one should own, as in this fearful story lies the roots of wars of the past, the present and the future.

Publisher: Smith & Haas