TWENTIETH CENTURY CATHOLICISM, No. 3 by Lancelot- Ed. Sheppard


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This is the third volume in Hawthorn's series devoted to the discussion of of basic interest in the renewal of Catholicism. The present work considers of Vatican II's Constitution of the Media of Social Communication, with such subjects as the function of the Catholic press (Albert J. Nevins and radio and television in the religious field (Richard Walsh and John ), the Christian theatre (Robert Speaight), the cinema (Maryvonne Butcher), and of translation as a means of communication (J. Duncan Cloud). It would be dif to exaggerate the usefulness of this collection. For all of the present emphasis of public media in the preaching of the Word, Catholics have been woefully exploring the possibilities inherent in advancing beyond the hit-or-miss stage of radio, television, the theater, newspapers, and the movies, in fulfilling role of the Church. Here, finally, in one volume, is a series of intelli, and authoritative -- though necessarily general -- discussions on the literary and performing arts in the ""open Church."" This volume was designed to Mawthron's Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism, but it can unreservedly as an important contribution in its own right.

Publisher: Hawthorn