AUTHOR IN TRANSIT by Lancelot Hogben
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A far more popular book than Dangerous Thoughts -- and equally invigorating. In caustic and illuminating manner, Hogben tells of travels which were forced upon him by the outbreak of the war. Hogben is one of our most perceptive and reasonable liberals of our time. His book is as much a challenge as a delight. He was caught in Norway at the time of the invasion, and left via Sweden. He discusses the political and social tenor of the country. Then Russia, where Hogben is at his most diverting and devastating, as he sees the land of unfulfilled promises. On to Japan, where he finds the reverse is true, the graceful old and new in process of modernization. Finally, concluding that there is no short cut to social and political reform through violence, he states that only ""piecemeal planning by peaceful persuasion"" will lead to abundance and benefit for all. Not always easy reading, but rewarding.

Publisher: Norton