THE GOLDEN OASES by Lanfranco Rasponi


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The Golden Oases are the watering holes for the International Nomads, that flighty set that Mr. Rasponi tried to pin down in his earlier book. And it's very doubtful that you'll want to waste time on this one unless you can Count up your social assets on more than one silver studded fingernail. If so, when in Rome brush up on your papal etiquette, do a chi chi tch tch over mod youth in London, maintain your cool in Maxim's of Paris, remind yourself that The Diggers is really a posh garden club in Pasadena, watch which Hampton you end up in in the summer, hire a bodyguard in Manila and claim at least one opera singer as a very close acquaintance. Mr. Rasponi also provides a Knickerbocker guide to what so and so remains on excellent terms with his former mistress/wife and her current lover/husband. A limited pedigree.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1967
Publisher: Putnam