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Rasponi comes on like a Boeing 707 and if only half of the jet set strata petted, pampered, picked at and exposed in this guide to the mores of our Supermen pick up this book, it'll hit the best seller list like a guided missile. For example, there are over 100 pages in the Appendix which is indeed ""A Guide to the Jungle of First Names and Nicknames,"" from Adelaide and Adele to Walter-Walter-Walter--it goes something like this: ""In the entertainment world it's Alan Jay Lerner whose list of hits is overwhelming. A refined, cultivated, introspective charmer with many adorable past wives, he made constant news with his last one, Micheline Pozzo di Borgo. Their matrimonial troubles were so vivacious it is to be hoped a musical script will emerge from them."" Rasponi considers the jet set a cultural phenomenon and often feels impelled to make comment: ""it's no longer the site of the encampment but what sort of caravans stop there."" And actually, the problem is just keeping up with the caravans as it's absolutely impossible to plan a dinner party with the proposed guests popping around the globe like Mexican jumping beans. But some of the functions do come off and if Rasponi was there he will describe it in no uncertain terms: ""attractive-spectacular-charming-stunning-superb-sparkling"" (adjectives gleaned from one very short paragraph). And in this spectacular manner he tells who's where, what's what, where to go, how to get in, how to get out, ""The Decline and Rise of Chic Connotations,"" just who committed what faux pas where, etc., etc. Who is Rasponi? Well, he was a public relations manager for many of the high flying celebrities cited but when word gets out he may be grounded.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1966
Publisher: Putnam