AN AFRICAN TREASURY by Langston- Ed. Hughes


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Africa, the last stronghold of imperialism, is a subject of growing controversy, an area of constant agitation and violence. Here, in an anthology of African Negro writing, Langston Hughes offers the white reader a glimpse into the articulate indigenous Black African point of view. Poetry, fiction, a lonely hearts column, reportage, all written by Africans, is carefully selected, giving testimony not only to the African's intellectual and artistic potential but also to his fierce pride and sense of identity. Emerging from the elaborate tribal consciousness of the bush, comes the newer but no less vehement spirit of urban Africa, an Africa oppressed, humiliated and determined to preserve its integrity and with it its unique properties. In a prayer, a Kenyan implores that his people remain ""black"", and though there are elements within the African Negro population who reflect white prejudice, the overwhelming emphasis in this book is on unadulterated self assertion. To those concerned with the growing tensions of Africa, to those interested in vigorous writing, and to the intellectually curious, this anthology by the noted American poet is a rich and timely gift.

Pub Date: July 12th, 1960
Publisher: Crown