WARRIORS OF PEACE: The Technique of Nonviolence by Lanza del Vasto

WARRIORS OF PEACE: The Technique of Nonviolence

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Another fine translation of Lanza del Vasto (see also above), founder of the Community of the Ark -- the Frenchman most responsible for obtaining rights for conscientious objectors in France, as well as publicizing atrocities during the Algerian war. His writings here both document the his. tory of his order's gradual involvement in political protest movements (though the community refuses to ally itself with any party) as well as present the philosophical foundations of del Vasto's beliefs, many of which are apparently derived from a literal interpretation of Jesus' command to turn the other cheek to thine enemy. This technique of confronting the adversary with a passivity in which his own misdeeds are magnified was the core of Gandhi's success in freeing India from British rule, and, del Vasto believes, is the only viable alternative for non-annihilation in this nuclear age. Quixotic as his views may appear, there is evidently a growing interest in them in countries outside of his native France, for no fewer than three books of his writings are currently being published. A special man of special views who will appeal, no doubt, to his own special audience.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Knopf