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ADRIENNE'S HOUSE by Lari Field Siler



Pub Date: May 7th, 1979
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston

A laundry-room gab bag all about Adrienne, nearing 40, landlord of a Man, hattan apartment building inherited from her father. Adrienne is happily married to Jed, father of their daughter and stepfather to Adrienne's son by her first adored husband, who died shortly after the baby was born. Adrienne is ""privately passionate. . . intimately intelligent""; she orgasms a lot. So what's on Adrienne's mind? Tenants, maintenance, water problems, city ordinances, taxes, law suits, the death of parents, memories of her first husband, a mastectomy, and keeping separate her business and private life--not easy when you live in your own apartment house. Even if, like Adrienne, you're a nice landlord, there's always someone lagging in the rent or suing for tripping into an elevator. Squeezed by the press of boiler and broiler, Adrienne babbles away: ""She had been vague all day. Disconnected. Was it the boiler? The slumlord slur? Her period?"" Adrienne flashbacks, mulls the landlord biz, old retainers, tenants tolerable and witless, and then the trauma of the mastectomy, She is determined to build on the ruins. ""Hex body was hers. Her buildings were hers. Her mind, her moods, her methods were hers."" And the option to by-pass this narcissistic drab-a-rama is yours.