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REAVER by Larissa Ione


by Larissa Ione

Pub Date: Dec. 17th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-455-52697-0
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Warrior angel Reaver makes plans to rescue Harvester, the undercover agent who has played a fallen angel in hell for centuries, only to be abandoned to endless torture when her work is discovered; their journey to freedom is fraught with emotional and physical peril.

Reaver risks everything to enter Satan’s realm and rescue Harvester, the angel who gave up her wings to enter the underworld as an undercover agent for heaven, served bravely for 5,000 years and then was left to eternal torture when her double life was discovered. Harvester and Reaver have a past, but most of Reaver’s early life has been wiped from his memory, so he’s not sure what they shared—though he’s pretty certain it’s complicated. First, he needs to get into Satan’s own compound, rescue a weakened Harvester and escape the hostile underworld; then he might be able to explore his past and his disconcerting emotions surrounding the darkly mysterious hellion. That is, if he can convince the archangels not to punish him for his flagrant disregard for their rules. Paranormal romance author Ione continues her popular Demonica series with this latest addition, creating a mesmerizing story of star-crossed lovers separated by every possible means—time, memory, misunderstanding, divine realm and memory loss—yet somehow managing to find each other again. As outlandish as the premise sounds, and the worldbuilding might seem, the storyline is enthralling and remarkably elaborate, with a huge cast of characters that manages to keep the reader engaged and invested. Ione deftly moves through the complicated, imaginative plot with clarity and flair.

Sexy, creative, darkly fanciful and chock full of action, devilry and intense emotion.